Tuesday, 11 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 11

You'll have to excuse the picture today! Swimming after work and ordering food shopping meant I've only just thought about my blog. I've tried to make it a little more interesting with the addition of a speech bubble!

I love it when a parcel arrives especially when it's something you've wanted to try for a while and it gives you the perfect opportunity to plan a new blog post. I'm hoping to try the products out this weekend and give you all a review post to read. It's been a little while - all thanks to a new job, busy weekends and the added determination of at least getting something up for the 30 Day Snap!

Ellen xx


  1. i cant wait to see whats inside!

    i left a reply to your question under your comment on my post but im not sure if blogger sends you an email saying ive replied :)

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

    1. Thanks for letting me know as I hadn't had an email :)

      Replied on your blog :) x