Wednesday, 26 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 25

30 Day Snap | Cat

Meet Leo, my 14 year old tabby cat. Isn't he handsome?! When I moved out with my boyfriend last year, I had to leave him behind with Mum. I wish I could have taken him with us but I didn't want to unsettle him in his old age. At Mum's he has plenty of house and garden to roam and also we are not allowed pets in the flat (I say a gerbil is an exception to that rule...still let's keep that between us!)

Whilst Mum is away on holiday, we are looking after the house so that means I get to have plenty of cat cuddles! I must admit I do miss him as I've grown up with him since I was 10. He's my furry baby!

Ellen xx

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