Saturday, 29 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 29

30 Day Snap | Scrabble

I only had to work for a few hours today but I was so pleased to get home and get in the garden. Lazing around enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and cloudy apple juice. Then things got serious and the Scrabble board came out! I didn't win and I blame it on the fact I must have picked up about 8 letter I tiles throughout the game and just struggled to get rid of them!

Ellen xx


  1. Would you beleive that I have never actually played scrabble? :P haha x
    Sinead |

    1. Lol if you've ever played Words With Friends on your phone, it is practically the same thing. I do enjoy it, especially when you get a really good word! I'm not one for winning at this though.

  2. Reading your blog post put a smile on my face, Very cute (: .x